“Our network engineers love NetCuras…they (my network engineers)  finally got their nights and weekends back.”

- Senior Director Financial Services Provider

“NetCuras is a true member of our team.  I didn’t think it would happen, but our teams have a very close working relationship…all based on trust.” 

- SVP Mining Support Industry

“we actually saved money by hiring NetCuras. They were much cheaper than hiring  FTEs and far less risky.  NetCuras isn’t going to leave because they got bored or got an offer from a competitor or didn’t get a promotion” 

- CIO Higher Education

“Our network outages went from daily to NEVER with NetCuras. I won’t get fired because of network instability!” 

- CIO  Transportation 

“NetCuras manages everything for us…servers, storage, VMware, routers, switches, load balancers, wireless, WAN accelerators, load balancers, telephony, and firewalls...all over the world.  I think that says it all.” 

- CIO/EVP SaaS  

“NetCuras isn’t cheap, but they are a great value…” 

- CFO Software Firm

“…when we lost our key senior network engineer we hired NetCuras. Then we realized that our “senior” network engineer wasn’t so senior after all”

- CIO SaaS Provider

“NetCuras doesn’t sell HW or SW.  They recommend the technologies that they will operate and manage.  They have helped us get the right solution the first time…there is no conflict of interest.” 

- CIO Security Services Firm  

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