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NetVoice - IP Telephony Support Services

IP Telephony Support Services allow you to take full advantage of IP telephony features and costs savings. These savings are gained by have NetCuras perform the operational tasks of IP Telephony. Moves, adds, changes and health monitoring take time away from your IT resources. Regain that time and reduce your costs with NetCuras' NetVoice, IP telephony support services.

How it works:

A VPN or private line will be established between the customer premise and NetCuras' NOC. CallManagers configurations will be modified for NetCuras access for monitoring, management and reporting.

Within 30 days, NetCuras will begin monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. The monitoring will include:

  • Call Manager Availability Monitoring and Alerting
  • Move, Adds, Changes
  • Configuration Management (weekly backup of configuration files)
  • OS and Patch Management

Additional Services Include:

  • Call Reporting

Customers have the flexibility to request moves, adds, or changes by utilizing our ticketing system.